Sunday, October 21, 2007

Rules, sort of

1. Henceforth, Wit shall be the coin of the realm.
2. The bar shall ALWAYS be open at The Club, and will serve only whisky, bourbon, Flor de Cana rum, dry martinis, Harvey's bitter and Schweppes' club soda.
3. The Club jukebox will contain only Stones songs.
4. Curiosity, honest open inquiry and free-thinking shall be encouraged.
5. Shampoo is to be used properly.
6. Should The Oyster Club ever meet someday as a group, the secret handshake will be operational.
7. No orphan posts. After human language, blogommentary is the rock upon which social networking, nay, civilization itself rests.


Nell said...

Okay, who put that there?

Tim said...

"slipped and fell in the shower" was the reported history

Tim said...

Herbal Infusium, I'm told. Gives the colon that just-mown hay freshness.